NFT Rewards

Bakerbreaks NFT Lounge is currently under construction. Once completed this page will act as a portal to allow NFT members to access extra benefits like Monthly Pack & Single drops, exclusive pricing and a ton of extras.

To purchase NFT on opensea:

Current Amount of cards & Benefits;
Gold Tier - 2 cards - 10% off all purchases - 4 FREE packs a week
Silver - 5 cards - 5% off all purchase - 2 FREE packs a week
Bronze - 10 cards - Free Shipping code - 1 FREE pack a week

The packs will be the most modern set I currently have in stock. If you don't redeem your packs one week, they will automatically stack until the next week and continue to stack until redeemed. Packs can be opened live during rip & ship and will be given priority access to jump the Queue or they can be sent sealed. Just use the appropriate shipping option.

Rewards will be put in stock Monday mornings.

These benefits will be unlockable via opensea once purchased and redeemable on